acknowledgments, f irst edition
This book represents a seven-year period of my life beginning as a
second-year graduate student at Brandeis University. In the seven
years that I have dedicated to this project, family, friends, mentors, and
colleagues both in the United States and in Mexico have contributed im-
mensely and provided me with a rich and supportive context.
When I was a graduate student in the Anthropology Department at
Brandeis University, Robert Hunt provided inspiration, support, and
encouragement for this project from its very beginning until its com-
pletion as a book. The careful attention of Sutti Ortiz in the conceptu-
alization and analysis of the larger effort this book represents was also
invaluable. Judith Zeitlin was the first person to open the doors of ethno-
history to me and I thank her for her example and her encouragement
in better integrating local and regional history into the project.
While I was teaching at mit, Martin Diskin and James Howe provided
intellectual and collegial support, spending many hours discussing vari-
ous aspects of the book. They have remained important colleagues.
While working in Mexico during the past seven years, I have been for-
tunate to have shared my fieldwork, graduate school, and ‘‘new faculty’’
status with Jonathan Fox, who has provided unending support, encour-
agement, and intellectual inspiration, resulting in exciting collaborative
research. Jeffrey Rubin has also been an invaluable Mexicanist colleague.
Since I began teaching at Northeastern University in 1987, my col-
leagues have shown tremendous support and encouragement. Chris-
tine Gailey, in particular, has provided me with inspiration, challenges,
friendship, and critical feedback on several sections of this book. Debra
Kaufman, Michael Blim, Alan Klein, Carol Owen, and Pat Golden have
provided intellectual and collegial support for this project. My students
have also provided challenges and encouragement.The Women’s Studies
Program and its executive board members at Northeastern have also pro-
vided support.
Other scholars in the United States have provided encouragement,
criticism, and inspiration, including Stefano Varese, Karen Sacks, and
Art Murphy. June Nash has provided critical intellectual and editorial
feedback and suggestions. Friends and colleagues who have proved in-
valuable in supporting this project include Carol Zabin, Sylvia Maxfield,
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